4.10.   Amendment of Ordinances and Resolutions.
   (A)   No ordinance or resolution or any section thereof shall be revised or amended unless the new ordinance or resolution contains the entire ordinance, resolution, section or sub-section as revised and amended, and the ordinance, resolution, section or sub-section so amended shall be repealed. This requirement  shall not prevent the amendment of an ordinance or resolution by the addition of a new section, sections, sub-section or sub-sections and in such case the full text of the former ordinance or resolution need not be set forth; nor shall this section prevent repeals by implication.
   (B)   Except in the case of a codification or recodification of ordinances and resolutions, a separate vote shall be taken on each ordinance or resolution proposed to be amended.
   (C)   Ordinances and resolutions that have been introduced and have received their first reading, or their first and second reading, but have not been voted on as to passage, may be amended or revised upon approval by at least six Council members and such amended or revised ordinance or resolution need not receive additional readings.