131.01   Term.
131.02   Qualifications.
131.03   Office; compensation.
131.04   Powers and duties; prohibited activities.
131.05   Election to fill vacancy.
      President of Council as Acting Mayor in Mayor's
         absence - see CHTR. 2.04(D)
      Calling special meetings/notice to Mayor - see CHTR.
      When Mayor fills vacancies on Council - see CHTR. 2.08
      Mayor to serve as ad hoc member of both Finance and
         Budget Committee, and Municipal Properties,
         Buildings, Land Use and Economic Development
         Committee - see CHTR. 2.11
      Mayor to present annual budget - see CHTR. 2.13
      Mayor's approval to ordinances and resolutions/veto
         power - see CHTR. 2.15(D)
      Mayor's order of reconsideration - see CHTR. 2.15(E)
      Mayor's certification of codification - see CHTR. 2.15(G)
      Term - see CHTR. 3.01
      Qualifications - see CHTR. 3.02
      Office and compensation - see CHTR. 3.03
      Powers and duties - see CHTR. 3.04
      Election to fill vacancy - see CHTR. 3.05
      Mayor to receive prior notice of removal of assistant
         directors - see CHTR. 4.05
      Mayor duties related to boards and commissions -
         see CHTR. Art. V
      Mayor to serve on Planning Commission -
         see CHTR. 5.02(A)