Section 2.07 Meetings
   (A)     Regular Meetings.  After the organizational meeting, Council shall meet at such times as may be provided by its rules and regulations or by ordinance or resolution; but, it shall hold regular meetings at least twice during each calendar month.
   (B)   Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by a vote of Council taken at any meeting thereof, or by the Clerk of Council upon written request of the Council President, the Mayor or any three (3) Council members. Any such request shall state the time, place, date and purpose of the meeting. Notice in writing of each special meeting called, except by approved motion of Council, shall be given to each Council member and the Mayor not less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting by serving the same to each of them personally, by leaving a copy thereof at his or her usual place of residence, or by electronic mail or by facsimile transmission when the Council member or Mayor authorizes electronic or facsimile notice. Service of notice may be waived in writing and shall be deemed conclusively to be waived by attendance at the special meeting. If the Mayor or any Council member is absent, notice in writing of the special meeting and the results thereof shall be given promptly after such meeting to each absentee in the manner hereinbefore provided. Public notice of each special meeting shall be given as provided by this Charter, or if this Charter is silent, as provided by ordinance, resolution or other action of Council.  When not so provided by this Charter, ordinance, resolution or other action of Council, then notice shall be as provided by the laws of Ohio until the Council may provide otherwise.
   (C)   Emergency Meetings. Emergency meetings may be called when a situation or situations requires immediate official action as determined in the sole and final judgment of the person or persons authorized above to call a special meeting. An emergency meeting shall be considered a "special meeting" of an emergency nature. For such meeting, any notice requirement as required for a special meeting shall be an immediate notice.
   (D)   Adjournment or Recess of Meeting. Any regular or special meeting of Council may be reconvened after adjournment or recess to another time, date or place without giving additional notice, so long as the time, date or place is announced at the meeting prior to adjournment or recess.