Section 2.11 Standing Committees of Council
   The following standing committees of Council are established by this Charter:
   Finance and Budget;
   Safety and Human Resources;
   Water, Sewer, Refuse, Recycling and Litter;
   Parks and Recreation;
   Technology and Communication; and,
   Municipal Properties, Buildings, Land Use and Economic Development.
   Each standing committee shall consist of three (3) Council members. Each Council member shall serve as chairperson of one (1) standing committee and shall serve on two (2) other standing committees. Each committee shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Council. Each committee shall investigate and study matters referred to it for consideration and shall report its findings and recommendations to Council as a whole. The Mayor shall serve as an ad hoc member of both the Finance and Budget Committee, and the Municipal Properties, Buildings, Land Use and Economic Development Committee, with full voting rights in both committees.
   In the event there is a lack of a quorum at any standing committee meeting, the most senior member of Council who is not a member of the committee present at the commencement of the meeting may act and continue to act as a pro-tem standing committee member thereto, with full voting rights therein, until such regular standing committee member arrives.