Section 3.04 Powers and Duties
   (A)    Powers and Duties - General.  The Mayor may administer oaths, may exercise all judicial powers which are granted by the Constitution or the laws of Ohio and may perform marriages as allowed by the laws of Ohio. Further, the Mayor shall involve him or herself chiefly, though not exclusively, in the following areas:
      (1)   In the overall policy and direction of the City by setting an agenda for the City as a whole, and from time-to-time proposing legislation to Council and otherwise offering direction concerning general and specific issues;
      (2)    In the nurture and growth of the City, working with all appropriate entities to promote economic development. Except in case of a conflict of interest, the Mayor shall be involved in economic development boards and commissions in which the City is a participant; and, shall be designated by Council to serve on such board or commission, when such designation is required, when next a vacancy exists, and when not otherwise prohibited by any appointment process. If the Mayor, for cause, declines to serve on such a board or commission, Council shall appoint another elected official of the City to serve in his or her place; and,
      (3)    In constituent affairs, not exclusive of Council, but in conjunction with them, dealing with concerns, both group and individual, as may from time-to-time be presented.
   (B)   Record Retention Member. The Mayor shall serve on the records retention Committee of the City.
   (C)   Ceremonial Head. The Mayor shall be the ceremonial head of the City.
   (D)   Duty to Execute Documents. The Mayor shall execute all documents and countersign all bonds and notes issued by the City that may be required by law.
   (E)   Council Meeting Attendance. The Mayor should attend all Council meetings, at which he shall have the right to participate in Council meetings but not to vote.
   (F)   State of City Address. The mayor shall prepare and present to Council annually a State of the City Address no later than the first (1st) regular meeting in February.
   (G)   Safety Service Appointments in Emergency. The Mayor shall be the person authorized to call upon entities and agencies for additional fire and police personnel and make the appointments thereto in case of a riot or other like emergency in accordance with the laws of Ohio; however, once called and appointed, such authority to control the entities and agencies shall be relinquished to an officer or department as provided by Council.
   (H)   Prohibited Activities. The Mayor shall not appoint him or herself to boards, commissions, and committees of which he or she has the power of appointment. Further, the Mayor shall have no authority in the supervision and conduct of the administrative departments of the City, except when Council decides necessary.