Signs are allowed as follows in Highway Commercial Zones except those signs prohibited by Section 1335.06:
   (a)   All signs as permitted in Sections 1335.14, 1335.15, 1335.16 and 1335.17, except as may be more or less restricted in this Section 1335.18.
   (b)   All freestanding signs within 2,000 feet of a controlled freeway, including entrances and exits, may be installed to a height of seventy-five feet above the lot grade or twenty-five feet above freeway grade, whichever is less. The principal purpose of such signs must be to address freeway traffic. Such signs must be freestanding only. Where conditions warrant (such as visual impairment or other unusual conditions), maximum height may be increased to 100 feet.
   (c)   Overall size of signs shall be determined at the rate of three square feet of sign for each lineal foot of property frontage.
   (d)   Billboards shall be permitted so long as it is situated not less than 100 feet, nor more than 500 feet from a four-lane highway right-of-way; moreover, must be no greater than 350 square feet and no less than 150 square feet, per side. The maximum height shall be seventy-five feet from grade. No billboard shall be closer than 1,320 feet to another billboard.
      (Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)