Signs are allowed as follows in industrial zones except those signs prohibited by Section 1335.06:
   (a)   All signs as permitted in Sections 1335.14, 1335.15 and 1335.16, including the special regulations and allowances, except as may be more or less restricted in this Section 1335.17.
   (b)   Freestanding sign(s), or monument sign(s), portable signs, or a combination of each, per street frontage not to exceed three square feet in total sign area for each lineal foot of property frontage. Signs, individually or in individually or in combination may not exceed a maximum height of twenty-five feet and must be set back at least ten feet back from the public right-of-way, except that signs being forty-eight inches tall or less (being no greater than six square feet in dimension) that are constructed of a break-a-way material that will not endanger the public when struck, may be positioned no closer than five feet of the public right-of-way.
   (c)   One wall sign or electric awning sign and non-freestanding signs of all other types that are attached to a building, so long as the herein mentioned signs do not exceed in total, more than thirty percent (30%) of the aggregate area of building elevation on which the signs are installed.
      (Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)