The following types of signs are prohibited in all districts except where noted:
   (a)   Abandoned signs;
   (b)   Banners, pennants, festoons, except when used as temporary special event signs when in conformance with this Sign Code;
   (c)   Signs imitating or resembling official traffic or government signs or signals;
   (d)   Snipe signs or signs attached to trees, telephone poles, public benches, streetlights, or placed on any public property or upon, within or over public right-of-way, except that “temporary and easily removable signs 1st Amendment signs” are permitted upon the public right-of-way so long as there is no obstruction to traffic or safety hazard and so long as removed and replaced every twenty-four hours. Further, this provision shall not be construed as to limit the City’s ability to lease space on public property for private signage.
   (e)   Signs placed on vehicles or trailers which are parked or located for the primary purpose of displaying said sign (this does not apply to signs or lettering on buses, taxis, or vehicles operating during the normal course of business or for sale signs placed in vehicles that are for sale);
   (f)   Billboards, except as provided in Section 1335.18.
   (g)   Sidewalk signs except as provided in Section 1335.16(b)(4).
   (h)   Signs placed without a permit when a permit is required.
   (i)   Signs not otherwise in conformance with this Sign Code.
   (j)   Signs that violate the clear view zone as follows: No sign in excess of three feet above grade of the adjacent driving surface nor support a pole larger than twelve inches in diameter may be installed in this area. Freestanding signs must have at least ten feet clearance to the grade of the street.
   (k)   Signs that are placed in a manner that does not meet the objectives of this Sign Code as found in Section 1335.02.
   (l)   Illuminated signs that are obtrusive as to unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of another’s real property or distract the motoring traffic so as to create a safety hazard; or, signs that are animated by means of flashing, scintillating, blinking or traveling lights or any other means not providing constant illumination. This is not to be construed as to prohibit electronic changing message signs specifically designed for the use of replaceable copy.
   (m)   Projecting signs.
      (Ord. 047-06. Passed 6-5-06.)