(a)   Defined.  "Street lawn" means the entire width between the edge of a curb or roadway in the event no curb is present, and the edge of a sidewalk or the right-of-way boundary if no sidewalk is present.  This area may also be known as the planting strip, curb strip, parkway, greenbelt, or devils strip.
   (b)   Parking Prohibited.   
      (1)   No person shall park a motor vehicle on the street lawn of any property used for residential purposes or zoned residentially, except with the expressed consent of the owner or person in lawful possession of the property bordering the street lawn and when in compliance with subsection (b)(2) hereof.
      (2)   No person shall park a motor vehicle on the street lawn unless:
         A.   The use of the area does not endanger or interfere with motoring or pedestrian traffic; and
         B.   The motor vehicle that is parked upon the street lawn is at a minimum distance of fifty feet from the closest point of an intersection.
      (3)   Greater distances, other than as stated in subsection(b)(2)B hereof, may be established by the City Manager as it relates to parking on street lawns when established for health, safety and welfare reasons; however, if greater distances are established, signs shall be posted and the requirements of Section 305.01 shall be followed.
   (c)   Surfacing.  Effective with the passage of this section, no person shall surface a street lawn with asphaltic or concrete materials or gravel or other material not in conformance with the City Engineer's minimum standards and not until the express written permission of the City Manager is given.  Any unauthorized or nonconforming street lawn surface may be removed by the City at the expense of the violator.
   (d)   Fines, Citations and Violations.
      (1)   This  section shall be part of the City's parking regulations and fines may be levied as provided for in Section 353.07.
      (2)   Parking citations (tickets) may be issued pursuant to Section 353.05 for violations of subsections (b)(1) and (2) hereof.
      (3)   A violation of subsection (b)(1) and (2) hereof shall constitute illegal parking and shall be a minor misdemeanor and the violator shall be fined not less than ten ($10.00) dollars nor more than the maximum fine allowed for minor misdemeanors, in accordance with the provisions of Section 353.99(a).  Further, Section 353.99(c) shall be applicable to this section.  A violation of  subsection (c) hereof  shall constitute a misdemeanor of the minor degree and shall be punishable by not more than the maximum fine allowed for minor misdemeanors.  Each day that a violation of subsection (c) hereof is continued shall constitute a separate violation.
         (Ord.  17-00.  Passed 5-1-00.)