16.94.050 Application Filing and Department Review.
   A.   Pre-Application Conference. Before submitting a tentative map application, the prospective subdivider, or agent, is strongly encouraged to request a pre-application conference with the department to obtain information and guidance pertaining to city requirements before preparing maps, surveys, and other required data. Neither the pre-application review nor the provision of available information and/or pertinent policies shall be construed as a recommendation for approval or disapproval by the city representative(s). A fee may be imposed for the pre-application conference, as contained in the council's fee resolution, in compliance with Chapter 16.48 (Application Filing, Fees).
   B.   Determination of Completeness. The tentative map application shall be filed with the department. The application shall be determined by the department to be complete only when the content and form of the tentative map conform to the requirements of Section 16.94.030, and all fees and/or deposits, in compliance with Chapter 16.48 (Application Filing, Fees), have been submitted and accepted by the department. The subdivider shall file, with the department, the number of tentative maps the department deems necessary.
   C.   Notice to Public Agencies, Utilities, and City Departments. The department shall forward copies of the tentative map to the affected public agencies, and utilities, and city departments, including but not limited to the City Engineer, Fire Department, Police Department, Building and Safety, and Community Services, which may, in turn, forward to the Development Services Department their findings and recommendations. Public agencies and utilities shall certify that the proposed subdivision can be adequately served.
   D.   Notice of Filing. Within ten days of the filing of a complete tentative map application, the department shall send a notice of the filing of the application to the affected school district, in compliance with state law.
(Ord. 556 § 27, 2020; Ord. 293 § 1 (part), 2004; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)