16.66.060 Submittal and Review Requirements.
   A.   Pre-Application Conference Procedure.
      1.   Before submitting an application for a specific plan, the applicant or prospective developer is strongly encouraged to request a pre-application conference with the director to obtain information and guidance before preparing plans, surveys and other data. Coordination of the preparation of the environmental documentation shall also be discussed.
      2.   Neither the pre-application review nor the provision of available information and/or pertinent policies shall be construed as a recommendation for approval or disapproval by the city representative(s).
      3.   An appropriate fee(s) shall be charged for the pre-application conference in compliance with the council's fee resolution.
      4.   The preliminary consultations shall be relative to a conceptual development plan, which shall include the following:
         a.   Proposed land uses to be developed within the district;
         b.   Development concepts to be employed;
         c.   Schematic maps, illustrative material, and narrative sufficient to describe the general relationships between land uses, and the intended design character and scale of the principal features; and
         d.   A preliminary time schedule for development, including quantitative data, including population, housing units, land use acreage and other data sufficient to illustrate phasing of the proposed development and potential impact(s) on public service requirements.
   B.   Associated Amendments. All specific plan and specific plan amendment applications shall be accompanied by an application to amend the following:
      1.   The general plan to incorporate the specific plan by reference;
      2.   The zoning map to change the underlying zoning district to a specific plan overlay zone.
   C.   Application Contents. Applications for a specific plan or specific plan amendment shall contain the following information:
      1.   Application. Completed planning application form and required fee and attachments (see also Section 16.48.030).
      2.   Text and a Diagram. A specific plan document (or proposed revisions to an adopted specific plan in the case of an amendment application), containing a text and a diagram, prepared in compliance with the city's specific plan guidelines.
(Ord. 293 § 1 (part), 2004; Ord. 182 § 2 (part), 1997)