Chapter 10.60
   10.60.010   Purpose.
   10.60.020   Definitions.
   10.60.030   Permit required for the operation of a taxicab service.
   10.60.040   Application for taxicab business permit—requirements, fee.
   10.60.050   Vehicle inspection and certification by licensed mechanic (required by the police department).
   10.60.060   Investigation and issuance of taxicab business permit.
   10.60.070   Grounds for denying taxicab business permit.
   10.60.080   Appeal.
   10.60.090   Vehicle service and maintenance records.
   10.60.100   Taxicab permit.
   10.60.110   Taximeters.
   10.60.120   Rates.
   10.60.130   Insurance requirements.
   10.60.140   Records.
   10.60.150   Revocation of permits.
   10.60.160   Permission to make changes in mode of operation.
   10.60.170   Taxicab stands.
   10.60.180   Failure to pay fares.
   10.60.190   Rules and regulations for operation.
   10.60.200   Taxi driver's permit requirement.
   10.60.210   Issuance, denial, suspension and revocation of taxicab driver's permit.
   10.60.220   Passenger communication with taxicab business permit holder.
   10.60.230   Pedicabs.
   10.60.240   Transfers of permits—Nullification.
   10.60.250   Appeal procedure.
   10.60.260   Enforcement.
   10.60.270   Time for compliance by existing taxicab services and taxicab drivers.
   10.60.280   Violations—Penalties.