Chapter 8.32
   8.32.010   Certain vegetation/weeds, grasses, shrubs, trees, seasonal and recurrent weeds declared a nuisance.
   8.32.020   Authorization for city manager.
   8.32.030   Contents of notice to abate.
   8.32.040   Service of notice to abate.
   8.32.050   Time limit for compliance.
   8.32.060   Appeal of notice to abate.
   8.32.070   Hearing and procedure.
   8.32.080   Hearing officer.
   8.32.090   Hearing conduct.
   8.32.100   Service on owner of hearing officer's order of abatement.
   8.32.110   Appeal of hearing officer decision.
   8.32.120   City council hearing.
   8.32.130   Service on owner of city council's order of abatement or finding.
   8.32.140   Abatement after hearing.
   8.32.150   Report and statement of cost after abatement--Notice of hearing.
   8.32.160   Report--Hearing on assessment--Collection of abatement costs before hearing.
   8.32.170   Service on owner of statement of cost.
   8.32.180   Assessment of costs a lien against the property.
   8.32.190   Alternatives.
   8.32.200   Emergency abatement.
   8.32.210   Violations--Penalty.