Chapter 8.28
   8.28.010   Findings and purpose.
   8.28.020   Authorization.
   8.28.030   Definitions.
   8.28.040   Non-delegable responsibilities.
   8.28.050   Requirements for single- family organic waste generators.
   8.28.060   Requirements for commercial organic waste generators.
   8.28.070   Waivers for generators.
   8.28.080   Requirements for commercial edible food generators.
   8.28.090   Requirements for food recovery organizations and services.
   8.28.100   Requirements for haulers, facility operators and community composting operations.
   8.28.110   Self-hauler requirements.
   8.28.120   Compliance with CALGreen recycling requirements.
   8.28.130   Model water efficient landscaping ordinance requirements.
   8.28.140   Procurement requirements for direct service providers and vendors.
   8.28.150   Inspections and investigations by the city.
   8.28.160   Enforcement.