Chapter 8.24
   8.24.010   Definitions.
   8.24.020   Provisions alternative to state statutes.
   8.24.030   Littering on occupied private property unlawful.
   8.24.040   Littering on public places.
   8.24.050   Placement of litter in receptacles--Prevention of scattering.
   8.24.060   Placement of private receptacle.
   8.24.070   Maintenance of owners or occupants of businesses.
   8.24.080   Sweeping litter into gutters prohibited.
   8.24.090   Littering on vacant lots unlawful.
   8.24.100   Litter thrown by persons in vehicles prohibited.
   8.24.110   Truck loads causing litter.
   8.24.120   Litter in parks.
   8.24.130   Posting notices prohibited.
   8.24.140   Distribution of handbills--Private premises.
   8.24.150   Distribution of handbills--Respecting property owners' rights.
   8.24.160   Distribution of handbills--Public places.
   8.24.170   Distribution of handbills--On vehicles.
   8.24.180   Dropping litter from aircraft.
   8.24.190   Enforcement authority.
   8.24.200   Violation--Penalty.