A.   The subdivider shall prepare concept plans and plats consistent with the standards contained herein and shall pay for the design, construction and inspection of the public improvements required. The city shall process said plans and plats in accordance with the regulations set forth herein. The subdivider may not alter the terrain or remove any vegetation from the proposed subdivision site or engage in any site development until subdivider has obtained the necessary approvals as outlined herein. The subdivider is responsible to obtain and be familiar with all applicable subdivision ordinances, rules and standards of the City.
   B.   The Community and Economic Development Director or designee shall review the plans and plats for design; for conformity to the general plan and to title 17 of this code; for the environmental quality of the subdivision design; and shall process the subdivision plats and reports as provided for in this title.
   C.   Plats and/or plans of proposed subdivisions may be referred by the Community and Economic Development Director or designee to any City departments and special districts, governmental boards, bureaus, utility companies, and other agencies which will provide public and private facilities and services to the subdivision for their information and comment.
   D.   The City Engineer shall review the engineering plans and specifications for the subdivision to determine if the proposed City required improvements are consistent with this title and other applicable ordinances and shall be responsible for inspecting the City requirement improvements. Review of street layout and lot design shall be coordinated between the City Engineer and the Community and Economic Development Department.
   E.   The City Engineer shall review the engineering plans and specifications for the public improvements.
   F.   The Planning Commission shall act as the final Land Use Authority to approve (1) subdivision plats; and (2) the establishment of requirements and design standards for public improvements. It shall make investigations, reports and recommendations on proposed subdivisions as to their conformance to the general plan and title 17 of this code, and other pertinent documents as it deems necessary. After completing its review of the final plat, the Planning Commission shall approve or disapprove the final plat in accordance with section 16.12.070 of the Code.
   G.   The City Attorney shall verify that the bond provided by the subdivider is acceptable, that the subdivider dedicating land for use of the public is the owner of record, that the land is free and clear of unacceptable encumbrances according to the title report submitted by the subdivider, and may review other matters which may affect the City's interests.
   H.   The Mayor may sign, as a non-discretionary and ministerial act, final subdivision plats for the acceptance of lands and public improvements that may be proposed for dedication to the city.
(Ord. 19-24 § 2: Ord. 94-40 § 1: prior code § 30-04)