72.01    Definitions
   72.02    Findings and intent
   72.03    General provisions
   72.04    Authority to restrict parking
   72.05    Parking of certain vehicles prohibited
   72.06    Freight or passenger loading zones
   72.07    Parking for prohibited purposes
   72.08    Vicarious responsibility
   72.09    Parking in private or municipal parking lots
   72.10    Hearing Board established
   72.11    Notice of parking violation
   72.12    Contest of violation; hearing; appeal
   72.13    Vehicle impoundment
   72.14    Redemption of impounded vehicle
   72.15    Hearing of the validity of impoundment; appeal
   72.16    Vehicle deemed abandoned; escheat to the city; disposal of vehicle
   72.17   Lien for fines and other charges
   72.99   Penalty