The city shall adopt regulations which shall be designated as the “traffic management manual” prohibiting the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles or limiting the length of time vehicles may be parked during certain hours on designated streets or portions thereof, and shall post proper signs on such streets accordingly. The Traffic Safety Committee is hereby authorized to determine or designate parking prohibitions. The City of Murray's Traffic Management Manual, which includes the on-street parking guide, shall serve as the primary policy for on street parking. In adopting such regulations, the Traffic Safety Committee may consider:
   (A)   The nature of the land use within the block;
   (B)   The volume of traffic;
   (C)   The volume of parking;
   (D)   The surface width of the street;
   (E)   The relationship between the need for parking space for the land use of the block and the need for parking space for the general public;
   (F)   Patrons and prospective patrons of places within the block or area to be served by the parking restrictions; and
   (G)   The hours of the day or night when use of the parking zone is necessary or most convenient.
(Ord. 2014-1631, passed 1-23-14; Am. Ord. 2017-1732, passed 4-27-17)