(A)   Training and experience. The City Administrative Officer shall have a bachelors degree from a four year accredited college supplemented by three years experience in an administrative capacity, preferably in a government organization. A masters degree in business or public administration may be substituted for required work experience on a year-for- year basis.
   (B)   Special knowledge, skills, and abilities. The City Administrative Officer shall have an extensive knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration with emphasis on planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of policies and programs; extensive knowledge of executive and legislative policies, procedures and practices; extensive knowledge of federal, state and local laws, administrative regulations and ordinances relating to local government operations and reporting requirements; knowledge of financial management principles, practices, and regulations; knowledge of federal and state regulations and administrative procedures, and local ordinances, regarding human resource and safety administration; ability to plan, implement, administer and evaluated, and make incremental adjustments in local government programs and projects; ability to interpret and understand complex rules and regulations; ability to accurately prepare and/or supervise the preparation of reports and forward to required agencies on a timely basis; ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing; administrative and analytical abilities; supervisory abilities; ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with contractors and other providers of services to the city and with other governmental organizations/ agencies; city officers and employees, and the general public; ability to deal firmly but tactfully with the public.
   (C)   Special licensing requirements. The City Administrative Officer must possess a valid Commonwealth of Kentucky driver's license.
   (D)   Additional requirements. The City Administrative Officer must be bonded.
(Ord. 90-915, passed 2-8-90; Am. Ord. 2011-1525, passed 2-24-11)