§ 31.02 DUTIES.
   The City Clerk, in person or by deputy, shall perform such duties as provided below.
   (A)   Attend all meetings of the City Council and its committees, both in joint and separate sessions, and keep a true record, properly indexed, of the proceedings;
   (B)   Promptly present to the Mayor for his or her consideration and action all ordinances, municipal orders, and resolutions passed by the legislative body, take the receipt of the Mayor therefor, showing the date of delivery to the Mayor, and note of record the action of the Mayor therein;
   (C)   Maintenance and safekeeping of the permanent records of the city. This includes but is not limited to being custodian and registering by number, date, and contents, the public records of the city, including the original or engrossed copies of the city ordinances, all original and other copies of contracts, deeds, and certificates relative to the title of any property of the city, all original and other copies of official, penal, indemnity, and security bonds, and any other records, papers and documents of value that are not required to be deposited in any other office;
   (D)   Responsible for the public printing, public notices, and other advertising required by state and federal laws;
   (E)   File and preserve in the office printed copies of all ordinances passed by the legislative body that becomes in force;
   (F)   Register and preserve in the office all contracts and bonds;
   (G)   Keep the seal of the city, and affix it when required by law;
   (H)   Attest, by signature and the seal of the city, all public instruments and all official acts of the Mayor;
   (I)   Maintain all records of the city cemetery, sale of lots, and their location or request by funeral directors and monument companies;
   (J)   Forward prescribed municipal information to the Department for Local Government annually;
   (K)   Perform the duties required of the official custodian of records in accordance with KRS 61.870 to 61.882.
   (L)   All other such duties as are required by KRS 83A.085 and other statute or ordinance.
   (M)   All other duties as are specified in the City Clerk job description or otherwise assigned by the mayor.
(Ord. 727, passed 12-19-80; Am. Ord. 2003-1320, passed 8-28-03; Am. Ord. 2012-1593, passed 11-20-12)