(A)   Purpose.  The purpose and intent of this subchapter is to prescribe minimum requirements and controls to safeguard life, property or public welfare from conditions hazardous to life, property, or public welfare in the use or occupancy of residential rental property.
   (B)   Intent.  This subchapter shall be constructed to serve its expressed intent is to insure public safety, health and welfare as it pertains to smoke detectors in residential rental properties.
   (C)   Administrative Liability.  The official, officer or employee charged with the enforcement of this subchapter, while acting for the jurisdiction, shall not thereby be rendered personally liable and is hereby relieved from all personal liability for any damage to persons or property as a result of any act required or permitted in the discharge of official duties.
   (D)   Jurisdictional Liability.  The jurisdiction shall not be liable under this subchapter for any damage to persons or property by reason of the inspection or reinspection of building, structures or equipment authorized herein, or failure to inspect or reinspect such building, structures or equipment or by reason of the approval or disapproval of any building, structure, or equipment authorized herein.
(Ord. 99-1184, passed 5-27-99; Am. Ord. 2012-1574, passed 5-10-12)