For the purpose of this section, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "AMBIENT SOUND." The all-encompassing noise associated with a given environment, being usually a composite of sounds from many sources, near and far.
   "EMERGENCY WORK." Work performed for the purpose of preventing or alleviating physical trauma or property damage threatened or caused by an existing or imminent peril.
   "MOTOR VEHICLE." Any vehicle driven or powered by any means other than muscular power (including but not limited to passenger vehicles, trucks, mopeds, motorcycles, motorized scooters, multi-terrain vehicles and go-carts).
   "MULTIPLE FAMILY DWELLING." Apartment buildings, duplexes, condominiums, hotels, motels or any other building or structure occupied by more than one family unit, either temporarily or permanently.
   "NOISE." Any sound that is emitted by a person, animal, appliance, equipment, instrument or other device.
   "NOISE DISTURBANCE." Any sound that endangers or injures the safety or health of humans or animals; or a noise that disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities, or endangers, injuries or seriously interferes with the quiet enjoyment or reasonable use of real or personal property.
   "PERSON." Includes an individual, firm, association, organization, partnership, trust, company, corporation or any similar entity. For purposes of this section, the president, manager, host or other person in charge of a group, association or organization shall be responsible for requiring said group, association or organization to comply with this section and shall likewise be subject to penalties imposed herein for violation of this section by said group, association or organization.
   "PREMISES." Any building, structure, land, utility or portion thereof, including all appurtenances, and shall include yards, lots, courts, inner yards, common hallways in multiple family dwellings, and common areas for one or more multiple family dwellings, and real properties without buildings or improvements, owned or controlled by a person.
   "PROPERTY LINE." An imaginary line exterior to any enclosed structure, at the ground surface, and its vertical extension, which separates the real property or rental unit owned or leased by one person from that owned or leased by another person.
   "PLAINLY AUDIBLE." Any sound which can be clearly heard by unimpaired auditory senses based on a direct line of sight of 50 or more feet; however, words or phrases need not be discernible and said sound shall include bass reverberation.
(Ord. 2006-1414, passed 6-22-06)