§ 99.01  PURPOSE.
   Purpose and scope of section; relationship to other regulations.
   (A)   Purpose. It is the purpose of this section to insure that public health, safety and welfare shall not be abridged by the making and creating of public nuisances from disturbing, excessive or offensive noises in the city. The residents of the city recognize that uncontrolled noise represents a damage to the health and welfare of themselves and their neighbors and that each resident of the community is entitled to live in an environment in which the level of impulse and amplified noise is minimized for the community good. This section attempts to foster mutual respect among all residents and to establish a community position against noise pollution.
   (B)   Scope. This section applies to all persons, property, animals, equipment, appliances, instruments and other sound emitting devices, as regulated herein.
   (C)   Relationship to other regulations. The provisions of this section are not intended to interfere with, abrogate or annul other laws, rules, regulations or ordinances, including any applicable chapters of the Kentucky Revised Statutes or ordinances of the city. If more stringent standards concerning noise abatements are contained in other laws, rules, regulations or ordinances, the more stringent standards shall apply.
(Ord. 2006-1414, passed 6-22-06)