1153.01   Zoning permits required.
1153.02   Contents of application for zoning permit.
1153.03   Approval of zoning permit.
1153.04   Submission to Director of Transportation.
1153.05   Expiration of zoning permit.
1153.06   Certificate of Zoning Compliance.
1153.07   Temporary certificate of Zoning Compliance.
1153.08   Record of zoning permits and Certificate of Zoning Compliance.
1153.09   Failure to obtain a zoning permit or Certificate of Zoning Compliance.
1153.10   Construction and use to be as provided in application, plans, permits and  certificates.
1153.11   Complaints regarding violations.
1153.12   Penalties for violation.
1153.13   Equitable remedies.
1153.14   Schedule of fees, charges and expenses.
1153.15   Appeal from Zoning Enforcement Officers decisions.
1153.16   Stop work order.
1153.17   Zoning permit revocation.
1153.18   Notice of violation.
1153.19   Ticketing procedure.
Violation of zoning ordinances - see Ohio R.C. 713.13
Administration - see P. & Z. Ch. 1155