Trailers and Trailer Camps
783.01   Definitions.
783.02   License required.
783.03   License application.
783.04   Location in residential district, hearing; vote by Council.
783.05   Approval by officials; inspections.
783.06   License fee.
783.07   License revocation and suspension.
783.08   Zoning of trailer and tourist camps.
783.09   Camp plan.
783.10   Water supply.
783.11   Service building and accommodations.
783.12   Waste and garbage disposal.
783.13   Limitation on number of occupants.
783.14   Management’s duties.
783.15   Plumbing, electrical and building work to conform.
783.16   Location outside camps; emergency parking; application for variance.
783.99   Penalty.
Trailer parks license and fees - see Ohio R. C. Ch. 3733