The provisions of this chapter shall not apply:
   (A)   To the rental of housing accommodations in a building which contains housing accommodations for not more than four families living independently of each other, if the owner or member of his or her family resides in one of the housing accommodations;
   (B)   To the rental of one room or one rooming unit in a housing accommodation by an individual if he or she or a member of his or her family resides therein;
   (C)   To a religious organization, association, or society, or any non-profit institution or organization operated, supervised or controlled by or in conjunction with a religious organization, association or society, from limiting the sale, rental or occupancy of dwellings which it owns or operates for other than commercial purpose to persons of the same religion or from giving preference to such persons, unless membership in such a religion is restricted on account of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or national origin.
(Ord. 18044, passed 10-9-18)