General Provisions
   93.01   Correction of unsanitary conditions
   93.02   Written notice to property owner
   93.03   Occupancy prohibited unless conditions corrected
   93.04   Reserved
   93.05   Interference with inspection officers
   93.06   Abatement of public health nuisances
   93.07   Maintaining deleterious or hazardous conditions on premises
Wells and Cisterns
   93.20   Use of water from contaminated wells and cisterns
   93.21   Well and cistern water to be tested
   93.22   Testing of water
   93.23   Duty of users to display chemist's reports
   93.24   Quarterly testing required
   93.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Department of Health and Environmental Control shall supervise local Boards of Health, see S.C. Code § 44-1-170
   State Board of Health and Environmental Control shall advise municipal and county authorities, see S.C. Code § 44-1-90