The following provisions shall apply to all permanent on-premises signs on residentially zoned properties, multi-family zoned properties, or residential uses in planned development districts; provided, however, that the provisions of § 156.161, as applicable, may apply.
   (A)   One sign, not exceeding three square feet in total area, attached to the building or on a rod or post not more than five feet high, and stating only the street number or name of the occupants of the lot, or both.
      (1)   Those numbers or letters attached to the owner's house shall not be counted in calculating sign area.
   (B)   One sign, bulletin, or announcement board, or entrance marker for each church, school, civic institution or similar use, not exceeding 35 square feet in area and eight feet in height.
   (C)   One free-standing sign not exceeding 12 square feet and/or one fascia sign not exceeding six square feet, erected by the Christ Church Parish Preservation Society or other historical organization recognized by the Town Council, denoting the historical significance of a home or events that took place on the lot.
   (D)   Subdivision identification/entry sign. Residential subdivisions may have a maximum of two signs per entry drive with vehicle access to the subdivision or development.
   (E)   Multi-family.
      (1)   In the MF, Multi-family Residential District, one free-standing sign per exterior street frontage with vehicular access to the property is allowed. Such free-standing signs are not to exceed eight feet in height and 35 square feet of sign area per side denoting the name of the apartment house, or one fascia, canopy, or projecting wall sign denoting the name of the apartment complex.
      (2)   Where such entry drives include or incorporate decorative features, such as walls, gates, fences, or similar decorative features, flanking the entrance drive, one sign may be attached to each wall of appropriate feature, not to exceed two signs per entry drive, for a total of 35 square feet of area per sign.
(Ord. 97064, passed 12-9-97; Am. Ord. 99012, passed 4-21-99; Am. Ord. 02024, passed 6-11-02; Am. Ord. 11006, passed 2-8-11; Am. Ord. 14047, passed 8-12-14) Penalty, see § 156.034