(a)   Every application for a Zoning Certificate shall be submitted on forms provided by the Zoning Inspector, accompanied by the proper fees.
      (1)   When required, a Site Plan, pursuant to Section 1135.08 (Contents of Site Plan) or an S-1 or PD Development Plan, pursuant to Section 1135.09 (Contents of Development Plan), and such other plans as may be necessary to show the location and type of buildings to be erected or alterations to be made shall be submitted in duplicate.
      (2)   All dimensions shown on filed plans shall be drawn to scale.
      (3)   Each property owner or authorized agent shall be required to attest to the correctness of the statements and data furnished with the application.
      (4)   A file of such applications and plans shall be kept in the office of the Zoning Inspector.
   (b)   Fees. Fees for inspection and the issuance of permits or certificates or copies thereof required or issued under the provisions of this Zoning Code shall be collected by the Zoning Inspector in advance of review of a zoning application or issuance of a Zoning Certificate.
      (1)   The amount of such fees shall be established by the Village Council by separate ordinance and shall cover the cost of administration, inspection, publication of notice and similar matters resulting from enforcement of this Zoning Code. When the Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, or City Council finds it necessary to maintain a strict record of public hearing procedures, or deem it necessary to cause special studies to be made, the applicant shall bear all direct and related costs.
      (2)   The fee for a Zoning Certificate which must be obtained after winning any appeal or upon approval of any variance or conditional use, shall be reduced or waived by the amount of the fee paid for the successful appeal, variance, or conditional use review.
      (3)   The Zoning Inspector and/or Secretary of the Planning Commission shall forthwith deposit all fees with the Clerk-Treasurer, who shall credit such fees to the credit of the general revenue fund of the municipality.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)