A Site Plan shall be submitted with all zoning applications for development of a principal building and accessory structures on a single lot. The Site Plan shall include the following information:
   (a)   A legend which indicates a compass rose, the scale of the plan, the name of the plan, if any, and the name and contact information for the owner and other members of the development team, if any;
   (b)   The location of the lot and the existing zoning and land use of the property and the immediately surrounding area;
   (c)   The lot numbers of the concerned and abutting properties;
   (d)   The street providing access to the lot and the exact location of the lot in relation to the nearest intersections;
   (e)   The intended use;
   (f)   The actual dimensions of the lot, the yard, parking, and other open space dimensions thereof, and the location and size of any existing structure thereon;
   (g)   The location, dimensions, height and bulk of structures to be erected and/or the proposed enlargement of the existing structure;
   (h)   In every case where the lot is not provided and is not proposed to be provided with public water supply and/or the disposal of sanitary wastes by means of public sewers, the application shall be accompanied by a certificate of approval by the County Health Officer of the proposed method of water supply and/or disposal of sanitary wastes;
   (i)   A commercial or industrial use subject to performance requirements shall be accompanied by a plan of the proposed construction or development; a description of the proposed machinery, processes and products; and specifications for the mechanisms and techniques to be used in meeting the performance requirements. Where complete and accurate information is not readily available from existing records, the Zoning Inspector may require the applicant to furnish a survey of the lot by a registered engineer or surveyor;
   (j)   Each plan shall bear statements declaring that no part of the land involved in the application has been previously used to provide required yard space or lot area for another structure;
   (k)   Each plan shall indicate which abutting land was formerly that of the owner of the land involved in the application; and, if any, the approximate date of title transfer;
   (l)   Any other pertinent data as may be necessary to determine and provide for the enforcement of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)