A Development Plan shall be required for all proposed S-1 Special District and PD Planned Development District zoning applications. A Development Plan submission shall be composed of the following elements:
   (a)   All drawings shall be prepared on reproducible paper. Five copies of the drawing shall be supplied.
   (b)   All drawings must include a north arrow and legend.
    (c)   All plans shall be drawn to engineer's scale, not to exceed 1:100.
   (d)   The drawing shall be prepared by a registered engineer or architect. The name of the engineer or architect shall be included on the drawing. The name of the surveyor shall also be included.
   (e)   Site bench mark. This shall be referenced to U.S.G.S. datum.
   (f)   The location, types, and size for all land use areas.
   (g)   Drawings shall show accurate dimensions of the locations and dimensions of all existing and proposed right-of-way lines, property lines, and easements.
   (h)   Existing elevations on site and on adjacent properties and proposed elevations. This information shall be sufficient to indicate directions of drainage flow.
   (i)   Plans or text showing or describing the arrangement, location, square footages, and design of all buildings, structures, and yards including finished grade at the proposed building(s). For residential uses, indicate dwelling unit densities, dwelling unit types, and the total number of dwelling units in the development plan.
   (j)   All building heights, setbacks, and screening as proposed.
   (k)   A traffic and circulation plan shall show the location and design of all entrances and exits to the site, circulation drives, walks and other access ways, and parking areas, showing the number of proposed parking spaces, indicating their relationship to topography, existing streets or showing other evidence of reasonableness. Counts of traffic on all streets adjoining the site shall be listed and a forecast of traffic volumes generated by the site shall be made by competent experts.
   (l)   Locations and sizes of all existing and proposed utilities (water lines, storm and sanitary sewers, and the like) and appurtenances and connections thereto. Proposed sewers and water lines shall further indicate types of material and elevations.
   (m)   The proposed use of any recreational land and any other land for recreational or leisure use.
   (n)   All parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use, or reserved in the deeds for the common use of property owners shall be indicated.
   (o)   The proposed schedule of site development and construction of structures and associated facilities.
   (p)   Sketches and other text or materials indicating design principles and concepts to be followed in site development, construction, landscaping and other features.
   (q)   A note shall indicate that all construction and materials shall meet the requirements of the Village.
   (r)   Any other information required by the Planning Commission to determine the appropriateness of the proposal.
(Ord. 1584. Passed 9-17-07.)