(A)   All wastewater discharged by significant industrial users shall meet the admissibility standards in §§ 50.011, 50.014, 50.015 and 50.062 through 50.073 by treatment, if necessary, as determined by the Town Council or shall be subject to violation fees in addition to surcharge fees as defined herein. Wastewater beyond the limits of surcharge set forth in § 50.101 may be accepted and surcharged in accordance with the schedule in § 50.101 as calculated here.
   (B)   Surcharges shall be based on actual quantities discharged for treatment as determined from measured concentration and flow. Surcharge rates for wastewater characteristics not provided for herein may be set at the reasonable discretion of the Council, taking into account all of the Sewer Department's significant cost factors relating to treatment, handling and disposal.
   (C)   Calculation of each surcharge shall be based upon the following components:
      (1)   Ci: Shall be the average concentration in mg/L of a constituent (I), as measured from all samples taken within a given monitoring time frame of no less than one month and no more than six months.
      (2)   Cs: Shall be the base concentration in mg/L of a constituent (I) as defined in § 50.101 and is representative of a strong domestic wastewater and therefore considered sufficiently funded under the “Treatment Charge” as defined in § 50.102.
      (3)   Qt: Shall be the total flow in million gallons (Mgal) over the given monitoring time frame consistent with that used in the calculation of “Ci” above.
   (D)   Surcharge Formula: The surcharge for each constituent found to be in excess of the schedule set forth in § 50.101 shall be independently calculated as follows:
   Total Surcharge for constituent (I)
               shall equal (=)
   The Surcharge Rate (I) in $/lb
            multiplied by (x)
   The average concentration less the base concentration (Ci - Cs) in mg/L
            multiplied by (x)
   The Total Flow in Mgal
            multiplied by (x)
   8.34 pounds/gallon
   (E)   The total surcharge fee incurred by a user shall be the sum of all individual constituent surcharges applicable.
(Ord. 1982-4, passed 7-26-82; Am. Ord. 9-2010, passed 7-28-10; Am. Ord. 2016-2, passed 2-10-16)   Penalty, see § 50.999