(a)   Development Plan Approval Required.  No person, firm or corporation shall erect a satellite dish larger than one (1) meter in diameter in the Municipality without first securing development plan approval in accordance with Chapter 1127, Development Plan Review Procedures. 
   (b)   Submission Requirements.  In lieu of the Plan Submission Requirements in Section 1127.17, applicants shall submit a written application upon forms furnished by the Inspector or approved by him, with a plot plan of the lot, premises or parcel attached showing the exact location of the proposed satellite dish,  the required evergreen landscaping, and the location of all buildings on the subject lot; a description of the kind of satellite dish, and the plans and specifications showing the elevations, where it is to be erected and of the dish itself, and sufficient details to show the method of assembly and construction.  Each set of plans and specifications shall give the address of the work, name and address of the owner and name and address of the person who prepared the plans and specifications.  Each application shall indicate the owner of the premises, the occupant of the premises and the contractor or other person to be permitted to construct or erect the proposed satellite dish, who shall be a licensed contractor pursuant to the regulations of the Municipality.
   (c)   Location Requirements of Satellite Dishes Larger than One (1) Meter in Diameter.  No satellite dish larger than one (1) meter in diameter shall be constructed in any front or side yard.  Such satellite dishes shall only be constructed in rear yards where not visible from the street, from a neighbor's lot, or from adjacent dwellings.  Satellite dishes larger than one (1) meter in diameter shall be setback twenty (20) feet from side and rear lot lines and shall be screened with appropriate evergreen landscaping that is twenty percent (20%) higher than the top of the dish from the ground.  (Ord. 2012-21.  Passed 7-11-12.)