The proclamation for the termination of a state of emergency and the imposition of specific prohibitions and restrictions shall take substantially the following form:
Section 1. On ____________, at ____________ (a.m./p.m.), I determined and proclaimed a local state of emergency for the Town of Mocksville.
Section 2. On _____________, at _____________ (a.m./p.m.), I ordered the evacuation of all civilians from the area; imposed a curfew, prohibited the sale, consumption, transportation, or possession of alcoholic beverages; prohibited the sale or purchase of any type of firearm or ammunition, firearms, ammunition and explosives; restricted access to areas and ordered the execution of the emergency operation plan.
Section 3. I have determined that a state of emergency no longer exists in the Town of Mocksville.
Section 4. I thereby terminate the proclamation of a local state of emergency and all of the restrictions and orders therein.
Section 5. This proclamation is effective immediately. Proclaimed this the ________________ day of ___________, 20___ at ___________ (a.m./p.m.).
                  Mayor, Town of Mocksville
                  Seal of the Town
(2003 Code, § 5-1.18) (Adopted 2-2-1993)