The proclamation for the declaration of a state of emergency and the imposition of specific prohibitions and restrictions shall take substantially the following form:
Section 1. Pursuant to Chapter 166A and Chapter 14, Article 36A of the General Statutes, I have determined that a state of emergency as defined exists in the Town of Mocksville.
Section 2. I, therefore, proclaim the existence of a state of emergency in the Town of Mocksville.
Section 3. I hereby order all law enforcement officers and employees, and all other emergency management workers subject to my control to cooperate in the enforcement and implementation of the provisions of the town emergency articles, which are set forth below:
   Evacuation: I have determined that, in the best interest of public safety and protection, it is necessary to evacuate the civilian population from the _____________________ areas of the Town of Mocksville. Citizens are free to use any type of transportation, but they are to use only (routes) _____________________ in leaving the county. Evacuation is to occur as soon as possible. Further proclamations concerning the evacuation will be issued as needed.
   Curfew: Unless a member of a law enforcement agency or the emergency management program, every person who is located within the Town of Mocksville is to be inside a house dwelling from the hours of __________ to ______________.
   No Alcoholic Beverages: There shall be no sale, consumption, transportation or possession of alcoholic beverages during the state of emergency in the Town of Mocksville, except possession or consumption is allowed on a person's own premises.
   No Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives: During the state of emergency, there shall be no sale or purchase of any type of firearm or ammunition, or any possession of such items along with any type of explosive off owner's premises.
   Restrictions on Access to Areas: During the state of emergency, there shall be no access or attempting to obtain access to any area which has been barricaded, or otherwise clearly posted indicating that access is denied or restricted by law enforcement officers.
   Execution of Emergency Plan: All civilians and emergency management workers are ordered to comply with the emergency operations plan.
Section 4. This proclamation shall become effective immediately. Proclaimed this the ______ day of ____________, 20__________ at _______________.
                  Mayor, Town of Mocksville
                  Seal of the Town
(2003 Code, § 5-1.17) (Adopted 2-2-1993)