1.1   How code designated and cited
   1.2   Official copy of code
   1.3   Definitions and rules of construction
   1.4   Provisions considered as continuations of existing ordinances
   1.5   Catch lines of sections
   1.6   Supplementation of code
   1.7   Amendment to code; effect of new ordinances; amendatory language
   1.8   General penalty; enforcement of ordinances; continuing violations
   1.9   Penalty not exclusive
   1.10   Liability of corporate officers, agents and employees for violation of code
   1.11   Code does not affect prior offenses, rights and the like
   1.12   Altering code
   1.13   Miscellaneous ordinances not affected by code
   1.14   Effect of repeal or expiration of ordinances
   1.15   Severability of parts of code
   1.16   Police power extended to town property