A.   Reports By Boards And Fee Collecting Officers:
      1.   Annual Report: Each of the boards appointed by and acting for the city in the administration of city affairs shall make an annual report of its activities to the city council as soon as practicable after the close of each fiscal year, which report shall be filed with finance officer.
      2.   Monthly Reports: The building official, chief of police or his designated representative, chief of the fire department or his designated representative and each board, officer, employee or agency of the city collecting fees or the money for or on behalf of the city shall, at the close of each month, make a monthly report thereof to the finance officer in such manner and form as required by the finance officer. (1984 Code § 12-7)
   B.   Inventories:
      1.   Annual Inventory: On or before every January 15, each department head shall file with the finance officer a complete inventory of all materials, tools, supplies and equipment coming into the custody of his department during the preceding calendar year. Such complete inventory shall be in such form as the city council may direct and shall disclose as to each item the number or quantity on hand at the beginning of the calendar year, the number or quantity acquired during the year and the number or quantity on hand at the close of such calendar year. Any differences between the number or quantity of such goods coming into possession of any department during the year and the number or quantity on hand at the close of such calendar year shall be accounted for as being on hand, used upon or worn out in use, as in the case of water or parking meters, or lost or otherwise not accounted for. Such inventory shall also show the condition of each item of tools or equipment on hand. (1984 Code § 12-9)
The report of inventories specified herein shall be presented by the finance officer to the city council at the first regular meeting in February of each year. The city council shall take such action on the inventories as it may see fit, and after approval thereof, they shall be filed with the finance officer. (1984 Code § 12-10)
      2.   Inventory Of Retired Officer Or Department Head: On retirement of any officer or department head from service of the city, the finance officer shall take inventory of all property in his custody and deliver the same to his successor who shall be charged therewith. (1984 Code § 12-11)