A.   Warrant Register: The finance officer shall keep a warrant register which shall show, in columns arranged for that purpose, the number, date and amount of each warrant presented; the particular fund upon which the same is drawn; the date of presentation; the name and address of the person in whose name the same is registered; the date when payment is made, the amount of interest and the total amount paid thereon, with the date when notice to the person in whose name such warrant is registered is mailed, as provided in this chapter. (1984 Code § 12-4)
   B.   Payment Of Warrants:
      1.   Payment Out Of Appropriate Fund: All warrants drawn upon the treasury shall be paid out of the fund on which they were drawn, in order of their presentation, and the finance officer shall endorse thereon the date of payment.
      2.   Insufficient Funds: If the fund on which any warrant was drawn is insufficient to pay such warrant on presentation, the finance officer shall endorse thereon the words "not paid for want of funds" and the date of such presentation, and thereafter, such warrant shall draw interest at the rate of six percent (6%) per annum. (1984 Code § 12-2)
      3.   No Funds Appropriated For Payment:
         a.   If there are no funds in the treasury appropriated for payment of a warrant presented for payment, the finance officer shall enter such warrant in his warrant register. He shall endorse thereon the registry number, date of registration and the words "registered for payment" and sign such endorsement. The holder of any warrant need not register the same. (1984 Code § 12-3)
         b.   As soon as funds are received in the particular fund sufficient for payment of a warrant first in order of the warrant register, the finance officer shall notify, by mail, the holder of such warrant, or in case the holder is not known, the person who registered the same, that such warrant will be paid on presentation. Interest shall thereupon cease. (1984 Code § 12-5)