A.   Report Of Violation: In the event that any vehicle is found parked in violation of the provisions of this title, it shall be the duty of any police officer or parking patrol to report:
      1.   The location where such parking violation has occurred.
      2.   The state license number of such vehicle.
      3.   The time when such vehicle is parked in violation of the provisions of this title.
      4.   Any other facts, a knowledge of which is necessary or helpful to a thorough understanding of the circumstances of such violation.
   B.   Notice Of Violation: Each police officer or parking patrol shall attach to such vehicle a notice and deposit envelope, notifying the operator thereof that such vehicle has been parked in violation of the provisions of this title, and instructing the owner or operator of such vehicle to report to the office of the city finance officer in regard to such violation.
   C.   Duty Of Owner Or Operator Receiving Notice: The owner or operator of each vehicle found in violation of the parking provisions of this title may, within seventy two (72) hours of the time when the notice of violation was attached to such vehicle, pay to the finance officer, as a penalty for and in full satisfaction of such violation, such sum as may be fixed by resolution of the city council from time to time. The failure of such owner or operator to make such payment within said seventy two (72) hours shall render such owner or operator subject to citation and arrest for such violation and subject to the penalties provided for violation of the provisions of this code 1 .
   D.   Dispute Of Allegation: Any person wishing to contest the alleged violation stated on a notice may contact the chief of police or his designated representative for resolution of dispute or for the issuance of a summons or notice to appear in accordance with section 7-1-5 of this chapter.
   E.   Fines Set By City Council: Unless otherwise provided, the city council, by resolution, may from time to time establish fines and penalties for parking violations including, but not limited to, overtime parking, improper parking, double parking, prohibited parking, obstructing snow removal or for violation of the provisions of emergency snow routes or provisions prescribing parking restrictions during periods of snow removal 2 . (Ord. 1616, 11-21-1988)
   F.   Impoundment: Any vehicle parked or left standing on any street, highway or public grounds of the city in violation of any of the provisions of this title or other parking ordinances, shall be deemed to constitute a public nuisance, and the police department is hereby authorized to abate any such nuisance by the impounding of such vehicle and the removal and storage of same. For the purpose of impounding, removing and storing any vehicle so parked, the chief of police shall have the authority to contract with a bonded or insured towing service for the removal and storage of such vehicle. The owner or operator of any such vehicle so impounded shall be liable for the costs of towing or storage in addition to any fine or penalty which shall be assessed against him. (1984 Code § 23-51)



1. See section 1-4-1 of this code.
2. See chapters 4 and 6 of this title.