A.   Relief From Provisions: Applications for a permit for relief from the noise restrictions in this chapter, on the basis of undue hardship, may be made to the police department. Any permit granted by the police department shall contain all conditions upon which said permit has been granted including, but not limited to, the effective dates, time of day, location, sound pressure level or equipment limitation. The relief requested may be granted upon good and sufficient showing:
      1.   That additional time is necessary for the applicant to alter or modify his activity or operation to comply with this chapter; or
      2.   That the activity, operation or noise source will be of temporary duration and cannot be done in a manner that would comply with this chapter; and
      3.   That no reasonable alternative is available to the applicant.
The city may prescribe any reasonable conditions or requirements deemed necessary to minimize adverse effects upon a community or the surrounding neighborhood. (1984 Code § 23A-9)
   B.   Exemptions: The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to: 1) the emission of sound for the purpose of alerting persons to the existence of any emergency; or 2) the emission of sound in the performance of emergency work. (1984 Code § 23A-8)