(a)   When determined through inspection by the Mayor/Village Administrator or his/her designee, that weeds, grass or other undesirable vegetation exceeding the height specified in § 665.01 or that trees or shrubs exceeding the clear height specified in § 665.02 or that the accumulation of dead, fallen or cut tree branches, limbs or trimmings as specified in §§ 665.03 or 665.09 exist upon any land within the corporate limits of the village, the Mayor/Village Administrator shall cause notice to be served to the owner, lessee, agent, tenant or other such person having charge or care of such land to abate the violation. Such notice shall include the following:
      (1)   An order to cut or destroy the weeds, grass or vegetation or trim such trees or shrubs or remove such fallen limbs, branches or trimmings within five days of being given notice to do so.
      (2)   A statement that the village or designated contractor will complete the work requested after the fifth day, the cost of which shall be assessed to the property owner as outlined in §§ 665.07 and 665.08. Such notice shall also state that the failure of such owner, occupant or person to remedy the violation as required by such notice shall be deemed an implied consent for the village to abate or remove such violation. Such implied consent shall be deemed to form a contract between such owner, occupant or person and the village.
   (b)   Written notice shall be served by either of the following methods:
      (1)   Delivering notice by the United States first class mail to any of the owners, lessees, tenants or other persons or entities having charge or care of land and posting the notice by affixing it to the front of the building in clear view from the street or affixing it to a free-standing post or stake in clear view from the street, service being effective upon posting;
      (2)   Publishing the notice once in a local newspaper of general circulation.
(Ord. 12-2017, passed 10-23-2017)