The owner, lessee, agent, tenant or other such person having charge or care of any land, parcel or lot within the village shall maintain the premises and exterior property free from weeds or plant growth including grass in excess of six inches. Ornamental grasses in landscaped beds are exempt. All noxious weeds as defined by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Administrative Code 901.5-37-01 are prohibited.
   (a)   Noxious Weeds Defined. Poison ivy; poison oak; poison sumac; any and all additional noxious weeds included in the Ohio Administrative Code’s list of prohibited noxious weeds and/or the Ohio noxious weed list maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.
   (b)   Plant Growth Defined. All grasses, annual plants, and vegetation, other than trees or shrubs. This term does not include cultivated flowers and gardens. Natural plantings of native wild plants and accepted cultivars of wild plants are a recognized type of landscaping. These areas must be tended, cultivated in a manner consistent with natural plantings, and confined to a definite area.
(Ord. 12-2017, passed 10-23-2017)