(a)   Upon completion of abatement of the violation, the Mayor/Village Administrator shall invoice the owner for all such work performed at a liquidated cost of $125 per on-site labor-hour including all equipment, equipment maintenance, supplies, and overhead costs, with a minimum charge of $300. If a contractor performs the work, the Mayor/Village Administrator will invoice the owner for the costs of such cutting and removal shall be immediately due and payable to the village provided, however, that the administrative fee shall not exceed $500. The cost and administrative fee shall be assessed against the lot or land. All fees are subject to the fee schedule established by the village.
   (b)   Notice of such assessment shall be given to the owner of the lot of land charged therewith, and the occupant by mailing such notice to the address utilized by the County Treasurer for tax billing purposes and by posting a notice of assessment at the subject premises. All assessments not paid within 30 days after such mailing and posting, after approval by the Village Mayor/Administrator, shall be certified by the Clerk of Council to the County Auditor to be placed on the tax duplicate and collected as other taxes are collected. Such assessments are in addition to the penalties provided for in § 665.99 of this section.
(Ord. 12-2017, passed 10-23-2017)