The owner, lessee, agent, tenant or other such person having charge or care of any lot or parcel of land fronting on any street, alley, avenue or public grounds in the village, in which trees are planted and growing, shall trim or cause to be trimmed, all trees or shrubbery in front of the respective lots or lands when so ordered or directed by the Mayor/Village Administrator. All trees shall be trimmed so as to have a clear height of ten feet above the surface of sidewalks and 12 feet above the surface of the street or roadway. The branches of all trees or shrubs in front and along lots or lands near which public lamps are placed shall be trimmed so as not to obstruct the free passage of light from the lamps to the street and sidewalks. Trees and shrubs shall be maintained so as to allow unobstructed views of street signs and unobstructed access to fire hydrants.
(Ord. 12-2017, passed 10-23-2017)