SECTION 3.05  Mayor, Election, Term, Qualifications and Powers.
   The Mayor shall be elected from the Municipality at large.  At the election to be held in November, 1979, and each four (4) years thereafter, the Mayor shall be elected to a term of four (4) years, commencing on the first day of January next following such election and shall serve until his successor is elected and qualified.  If for any reason the Mayor shall fail to qualify for office within forty-five (45) days after January 1 of the year following his election, a vacancy shall be deemed to exist and such vacancy shall be filled in the manner provided in Sec. 3.14 of this Charter.
   The Mayor shall be a member of the Council with the right to vote on all matters, except on the question of his removal or whether his absence from his official duties shall be excused; and he shall have every and all other rights privileges, duties and obligations provided in this Charter for members of the Council in addition to the rights, privileges, duties and obligations provided hereinafter to the office of Mayor.  The Mayor shall serve as presiding office of the Council.  The Mayor shall not have any veto power over the actions of the Council.
   In addition to the powers hereinbefore conferred upon the Mayor, he shall be the ceremonial head of the Municipality; shall be recognized as head of the Municipality by the governor for military purposes and by the Courts for the purpose of serving civil processes.  The Mayor shall administer oaths, exercise all the judicial powers which are conferred upon mayors by the laws of Ohio, including Mayor's court; and perform such other powers and duties as are elsewhere provided in this Charter or as provided by the Council.  The Mayor shall not interfere with the powers and duties of the Administrator in the supervision and conduct of the affairs of the administrative departments and division of the Municipality.
   The Mayor shall have those qualifications set forth in Sec. 3.02 of this Charter and shall be subject to removal from office as provided in Sec. 3.03 of this Charter.