SECTION 3.03  Removal.
   Any councilman may, after absence from his official duties for three (3) consecutive months, be removed by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Council; and any councilman shall after absence from his official duties for five (5) consecutive months, be automatically removed and his office be declared vacant.  An accused member shall be notified of the charge against him and given an opportunity to be heard in person or by his counsel.
   The Council shall be the judge of the election, qualifications, and removal of its members and for such purpose shall have power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of records, but the decision of the Council in any case shall be subject to review by the courts.
   A member of Council shall not vote upon the question of his removal.  Failure to maintain qualifications or removal from office shall not render void or ineffective any action of the Council in which such member participated.