SECTION 3.02  Qualifications.
   All members of Council shall have been electors of the Municipality for at least one (1) continuous year immediately prior to the time of filing for office, and shall continue to be qualified electors of the Municipality during their respective terms of office.  No member of Council shall hold any other office or employment with the Municipality except as otherwise allowed by this Charter or by Ordinance of Council, nor shall any member of Council hold any other public office which may present a conflict of interest.  Examples of acceptable public offices include but are not limited to:  Notary Public; member of the National Guard or state militia; member of the reserves of the Armed Forces of the United States; national, State, ward or precinct Committeeman of a political party or any other office of a political party; and delegate to a Municipal, County, State or national convention of a political party.
   Any member of Council who shall cease to possess or who violates any of the qualifications of office herein provided or who is finally convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude shall forthwith forfeit his office.  Forfeiture of office as provided herein shall not render void or invalidate any action of the Council in which such member participated.
(Amended November 4, 1986.)