1.   All construction of roads dedicated for public use shall be in compliance with the Minnesota Department of Transportation State Aid Design Standards for Roads as well as the following minimum standards.
2.   All roads dedicated for public use or for the use of lot owners on a plat presented for the approval shall have a permanent minimum width of 66 feet right-of-way (during the road construction period the right-of- way width may exceed 66 feet to provide for the appropriate backslope). Dead end roads require a cul-de- sac which has a minimum 120-foot diameter. Alleys require a minimum width of 20 feet right-of-way.
3.   All dedicated roadways have a roadbed of not less than 32 feet and shall have a bituminous surface. All cul-de-sacs, regardless of surface type, shall have a minimum traveled surface diameter of 100 feet.
4.   When necessary for drainage, ditches along the roadbed shall not be less than two feet deep.