No subdivision of real property in which the divided tract is described by metes and bounds shall be permitted, unless all tracts meet the following standards:
   (A)   Each lot, located in a shoreland area or containing a wetland area must be a minimum of five acres in size; and all other lots must be a minimum of two and one-half acres in size;
   (B)   Certification of public road access;
   (C)   All roads must be identified on the surveyor’s drawing;
   (D)   Sufficient suitable area for the installation of two standard on-site sewage treatment systems;
   (E)   A registered surveyor’s drawing accompanies the document creating the subdivision for recording, as required by § 152.03(D) above; and
   (F)   The surveyor’s drawing contains the following form for signature by the property owner: I hereby certify that the subdivided property described in this survey meets the city requirements for public road access and sewage treatment systems.