§ 152.13 FEES.
   As provided by M.S. § 462.353, Subd. 4, as it may be amended from time to time, fees may be established as follows:
   (A)   The Council may in a separate ordinance or in the Ordinance Establishing Fees and Charges, adopted pursuant to § 30.11 of this code, as that ordinance may be amended from time to time, prescribe fees sufficient to defray the costs incurred in reviewing, investigating and administering applications for a preliminary or final plat, or an application for some other approval required under this chapter.
   (B)   These fees must be fair, reasonable and proportionate to the actual cost of the service for which the fee is imposed. The city shall adopt management and accounting procedures to ensure that fees are maintained and used only for the purpose for which they are collected.
   (C)   If a dispute arises over a specific fee imposed by a city, the amount of the fee must be deposited and held in escrow, and the person aggrieved by the fee may appeal to district court as provided by M.S. § 462.361, as it may be amended from time to time. The application shall proceed as if the fee had been paid, pending a decision by the court.